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Parts of the Chandelier We Clean:

Any Crystal Pieces
Any Sheets/Balls of Glass
Metal and/or Glass Frames
Chain, Bulbs, Candle Covers
Shades and Cloth Materials
Metal Plates, Fittings
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Wichita's Chandelier Cleaners

Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning services all of Sedgwick County. What makes us the best choice for your deliciate fixtures? We are licensed and insured experts, we can access and clean any chandelier no matter its style or size, we clean chandeliers full time, day in and day out, year round. Our services began and end with chandeliers. It is our main service, not an add on service as it is with window cleaning or janitorial companies. We can provide references, we've cleaned and repaired thousands of chandeliers. We have the highest ratings on yelp. Okay, so we are tooting our own horns here, but you get the point. Please look through our site. All the pictures on this site were taken by our team. You'll likely see a chandelier that looks like yours. Visit our gallery page to view recent projects. We've cleaned all types and sizes of light fixtures.

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Wichita is the "Air Capital of the World"? If you didn't you clearly aren't from around here.

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