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Welcome to the most hired chandelier cleaning company in Southern California. Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and everywhere in-between. If you are looking for professional cleaning service for your lighting fixture you have certainly came to the right place. Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning cleans more chandeliers and decorative lighting than any other company in Southern California, yet we remain a small, family-owned business that treats clients with the respect and care that they deserve as individuals.

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Chandelier & Light Fixture Experts

With over a decade of service, we are experts in chandelier care. We clean, repair, restore, crate, install, and remove chandeliers. We service chandeliers and light fixtures no matter their size, style (Chihuly, Baccarat, Schonbek, Murano, Waterford, Restoration Hardware, etc.), age or hanging height. We do not do any non-chandelier services, thus our employees are singularly focused and have heaped up real full-time experience. In addition, our insurances truly cover chandelier work. Many cleaning companies are unaware that there insurance does not cover damages to expensive chandeliers or dangerous work on ladders. Please keep in mind that chandelier cleaning is an expert's task and is unlike the cleaning of other home or business surfaces. Besides the need for a superlative cleaning process, there are almost always necessary repairs and adjustments to be made and the correct equipment must be employed to safely perform these tasks on a variety of different lighting works. Lastly, chandeliers are very delicate and must not be spun or leaned on in any way, floors and surrounding areas must be protected well, and resources should be at the ready in case of any accidental damage.
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What types of chandeliers and light fixtures do we clean? All types! Take a look:
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Our Experience

We are experts with the real experience of cleaning thousands of chandeliers in Southern California and beyond. In addition to residential customers, our client list includes luxury retailers, high-end restaurants, high profile figures, film studios, entertainment brands, and international hotel chains.

Please, look around our website. All of the pictures on this website are real, on-the-job photos. Or just call, text, or email us for a quick chandelier cleaning quote (exact pricing) today. We'd love to service your light fixtures for years to come!
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Our Cleaning Methods

We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning chandeliers. Every chandelier is unique. We vary our methods, but our standards remain the same. To learn about our methods for cleaning your particular light fixture(s), please give us a call. We service San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, and parts of Ventura County.
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