Chandelier Restoration

Restoring the shine back to brass chandeliers is our main restoration task, but we also perform deep hand polishing and electric tool work on silver, nickel, stainless steel, chrome and other metal light fixtures.


Glass Sheet Hard Water Removal
Brass Frame Rejuvenation
Lacquer Application for Brass
Nickel and Silver Polishing
Chrome and Stainless Steel Polishing
Redressing, Repinning, & Rebalancing
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Why is Polishing a Restorative Task?

Applying polishing cream to a simple flat metal surface (such as a stainless steel refrigerator) and then towel wiping it off may not be that hard, but when tarnish has imbedded itself into the complicated surface of an intricate brass chandelier frame it may take days of detailed hand and tool work to get every nook and cranny shining. We do not consider all types of polishing restorative tasks. In fact, we routinely polish chandelier chain canopies without extra charge. Some cleaning projects might require a quick polishing cream application. We don't charge extra for that. But when we have to deep polish, say, a full pure brass chandelier frame, it may take five or ten times longer to restore that brass shine than to just clean off the surface dirt.

“Restoring the shine on an old brass chandelier might just make you think you have a whole new light fixture!”
Aaron Jones- Owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning
“They removed the tarnish off of my mother's forty year old antique dining room chandelier. It looks like new!”
Debby F.
“They know what they are doing. They do this everyday. Day in and day out”
Drew S.

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Restore your metal fixture without having to deal with scratches, incomplete tarnish removal, etc.
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We work with chandeliers every day. We know what we are doing.
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