Why Choose Us - 5 Reasons

1) WE ARE EXPERTS: We only clean chandeliers. We do not clean anything else. This is not a side service for us. We clean chandeliers day in and day out. It might take half a decade before a novice runs into most of the types of chandeliers out there. Maybe another half decade before they'll fully understand how to clean them. We are fourteen years in. That means we have honed our skills. Every chandelier is cleaned differently. Some need a good amount of moisture. Some cannot have more than a drop. Some chandelier surfaces can be polished, some cannot. We clean the entire surface area of the chandelier: chain, frame, crystals, etc. We know how to clean any chandelier without exposing it to dangerous cleaning products. When we work on your chandelier, nothing around it is in danger of damage, be it fine art, soft or hard flooring, walls, other decorative items, etc.

2) WE ARE INSURED: We have worker's comp and liability insurance. Never hire anyone without the proper insurance! Think what could happen! And make sure they don't have just any insurance. Many window cleaners, maids, and janitors have the wrong insurance for chandelier cleaning. They might not be covered for indoor ladder work, or they might not be covered for high ticket item cleaning. And their worker's comp. might not cover them if they did not disclose that they do at-height chandelier cleaning.

3) NOT TOO BIG, NOT TOO SMALL: We have a small crew, and it's likely that only one or two of them will service your chandelier on any one visit. We can do major projects and minor ones with our team. One guy won't always be enough and six guys could be way too much. And if the cleaning company itself is big, you'll never be sure whom it is that they will send out on a given service visit. Big companies tend to have a lot of employee turn over. Workers don't stick around to get a good grasp on what chandelier cleaning is all about, especially if chandelier cleaning is just one of the many services that they offer.

4) WE CARE: This might sound like mumbo jumbo but caring does make a difference. We care if your floor gets dirty. We care if you've got the a.c. on and the door is open. We care if something seems wrong with the attic supports of your chandeliers. We care about attention to detail. We care about the little and big things. Even though it is hard to valuate a caring attitude, it does has much value.

5) WE ARE NICE FOLKS: We are nice people who like getting to know our customers and are interested in doing a good job for every single one of them. We are simple people. All we want is to do an honest days work, perhaps have a good conversation or two with some friendly customers, and go home to watch reruns of The Amazing Race with our families. Is that too much to ask!

We Are The Best

Don't just take our word for it. Check out our icons too! Oh, and maybe ask for our references.
As much as we'd like to show up in our pajamas, we have a job to do! And pajamas are tripping hazards!
The ability to work on just about any chandelier didn't just come to us overnight! Unless that night was over a decade long.
Local is good. We come to you. And you usually don't have to do anything but get some replacement light bulbs ready....If that!

Our Advantages

100% satisfaction guarantee
Courteous & knowledgeable team
State-of-the-art cleaning methods
We perform with consistent quality
We value our customers. We are punctual
We maintain a high level of professionalism
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"Cant say enough good things...cleaned my mom's chandelier tenderly..she had passed and loved it, so I kept it.  It looks brand new.  They are my go to and will recommend them to anyone who needs a chandelier cleaned.  Even replaced one of the crystals which had been lost long before. Thanks Again for the love and care out into my mom's chandelier."
Gisele D. - Yelp
My Chandelier looks luminous after Aaron meticulously cleaned it...
I am so grateful to Aaron his hard work.. My chandelier was covered in dust upon the conclusion of some home improvements and now it shines like a diamond..
Mia N
Aaron and his team are incomparable!! I was in need of a chandelier cleaner and fast and Witherspoon came to the rescue--accommodating my schedule and not interfering with business hours. They did an impeccable job with six very large store chandeliers. Whether for your business or residence, Witherspoon is your go-to for chandelier cleaning. They do it right!!! Can't wait to use them again and again.
Alessandra Sozio

Our Team

We are experts at every service we do
We are trained on and off the job
We are uniformed and clean cut
None of us smoke on or off the job
We are always friendly, personable and honest
We will not speak disrespectfully
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Chandelier Cleaning Services & More...

The only other services we perform besides chandelier cleaning still involve chandeliers, glass, or metal. We will at times polish silver and nickel hardware. We do at times crate chandeliers after we've uninstalled them. We do have several chandeliers stored at our shop for safe keeping during remodels. We do re-pinning of chandeliers, repairing of some glass work. What we don't do, we usually have a industry contact for.