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Our process for cleaning a chandelier can be quite involved. It's certainly not just dusting. Because of the fact that we have the equipment and experience that window cleaners, maids, janitors, and even most other chandelier cleaning companies do not have, the results of our efforts are superlative. We know what solutions are safe and effective and which to use on any particular surface. We also know what amount of moisture is safe on any given chandelier. Oh, and we have the correct liability insurance!

Some Chandeliers We Service:

Crystal Chandeliers
Brass and Wrought Iron Chandeliers
Hand Blown Custom Glass Chandeliers
Tethered Hollow-Ball Chandeliers
Antique Chandeliers
Outdoor Lanterns
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Chandelier Cleaning in the Counties of LA, Orange, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Monica & the Inland Empire

Have you ever hired someone to clean your chandelier and all they did was spray it with some "magic" potion and walk away, letting the chemical drip dry, hoping for the best? That won't do! The truth is, there are definitely different cleaning techniques for different types of chandeliers, but they all must be safe, thorough, and damage-free. The floor and room elements around the chandelier must be protected and the chandelier crystals and their clips must be inspected. In addition, a professional company must be able reach any chandelier no matter what obstruction is below it (such as a wide table or a spiral staircase) and fix any hardware issues.

We are regularly asked to clean chandeliers that have already been touched by other cleaning companies, but that were not cleaned properly. This might mean that the fixtures have been left in bad shape by others. We have seen heavy grease, cleaning residue, and even dirt and solution trapped on the inside of hollow glass due to improper cleaning techniques or poor attention to detail. Often, pieces of a chandelier are reinstalled incorrectly by unprofessional cleaners, or pendants are arranged in an unsymmetrical way, leaving the chandelier looking strange. Make sure that the company you hire has experience with your specific lighting fixture type before allowing them to handle your chandelier. We've seen it all and can arrange and fix many issues, such as unbalanced fixtures or rust-ridden crystal and glass.

To be honest, I was a bit dubious about having my precious 50 yr-old chandelier cleaned.  But when the job was done, it was all sparkly and looked like new!   I was amazed and totally satisfied.  Aaron & assistant were efficient and respectful of my home's furnishings. Good customer service, too! Aaron came out on a Sunday, his only day-off to take down and crate my chandelier for shipping the next day.
I definitely will use them again and recommend them.
Florence Loo
My Chandelier looks luminous after Aaron meticulously cleaned it...
I am so grateful to Aaron his hard work.. My chandelier was covered in dust upon the conclusion of some home improvements and now it shines like a diamond..
Mia N
Aaron and his team are incomparable!! I was in need of a chandelier cleaner and fast and Witherspoon came to the rescue--accommodating my schedule and not interfering with business hours. They did an impeccable job with six very large store chandeliers. Whether for your business or residence, Witherspoon is your go-to for chandelier cleaning. They do it right!!! Can't wait to use them again and again.
Alessandra Sozio

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Our techs are experienced, flexible and reliable.
Our crew will always arrive uniformed in the appropriate professional attire.
We have cleaned thousands of light fixtures in the last 15 years.
We are based in Southern California. Our shop is centrally located and we come to you!

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