Chandelier Removal, Crating, & Install

Do you need and chandelier taken down and crated? We can certainly provide that service. We can also hang chandeliers. We do not do electrical work in-house, but if wiring is needed we do know who to call. When installing a chandelier to an existing ceiling box, you must know that the new chandelier is not heavier than the chandelier you've taken down. If the new one is heavier, you need an expert electrical to create extra support in the attic, change the electrical ceiling box, and use the right screws and other items to hang it.

Services Include:

Building crates
Removing high hung chandeliers
Crating and securing main fixture units
Packing loose and delicate items seperately
Storing chandeliers at our shop for remodels
Installing chandeliers
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Crating a Chandelier

Chandeliers are not easy to move. They are delicate, awkward to carry, and many times they are hard to access. We have the equipment, know-how, and desire to do move any type of chandelier. Please call us if you need a chandelier to by moved. There are three main stages to moving a chandelier: removing the chandelier from the ceiling, crating and transporting it, then reinstalling the chandelier in its new spot. Since we are not electricians, we do not work on the wiring and ceiling box, but we can hang and remove any chandelier. Many times our equipment and experience come in handy when we are working alongside an electrician. We can access chandeliers high in a stairway area or other difficult or tight spots.

"Good customer service, too! Aaron came out on a Sunday, his only day-off to take down and crate my chandelier for shipping the next day.I definitely will use them again and recommend them"
Florence Loo (on Google)
“They removed the tarnish off of my mother's forty year old antique dining room chandelier. It looks like new!”
Debby F.
“They know what they are doing. They do this everyday. Day in and day out”
Drew S.

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