Custom Chandelier Crating / Also: Removal & Install

Do you need a chandelier crated? You came to the right place! We are experts at building chandelier crates. We build custom wood crates for heavy, delicate chandeliers and we box and wrap at-risk or loose items such as hanging pendant crystals or lighting that is light and small. Please keep in mind that some heavy chandeliers must be disassembled in order to prevent breakage during transport- not every chandelier should simply be hung in a crate.

In addition to crating, you will find that Witherspoon can be pretty nifty for accessing difficult-to-reach chandeliers and bringing them down from a ceiling without issue. We can also hang and install chandeliers. We work with our expert electrical lighting contacts (not every electrician can or wants to work on lighting, especially chandeliers) when new wiring work or new anchoring needs done. When installing a chandelier to an existing ceiling box and anchor, one must make sure that the new chandelier is not heavier than the chandelier that has just been taken down. If the new light fixture is heavier, you'll need an expert to create extra support in the attic. He might also change out the electrical junction box (while using the correct screws and braces for appropriate load capacity).

Services Include:

Building custom wood crates
Removing hard-to-access lighting
Capping holes left in the ceiling
Packing loose crystal and delicate arms and other items separately in heavy duty boxes
Hanging chandeliers and other light fixtures
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Transporting Chandeliers

Chandeliers are not easy to move. They are delicate, awkward to carry, and are often hard to access when hung on a ceiling. We have the equipment, know-how, and desire to move any type of chandelier (without damaging them). Selling your home and you want to take your treasured chandelier (perhaps an heirloom) with you? From the ceiling to the crate to the new location, we can help you transport your chandelier. Get it crated and ready for the moving crew, or ask us about our transporting service (limited).

"Good customer service, too! Aaron came out on a Sunday, his only day-off to take down and crate my chandelier for shipping the next day.I definitely will use them again and recommend them"
Florence Loo (on Google)
“They removed the tarnish off of my mother's forty year old antique dining room chandelier. It looks like new!”
Debby F.
“They know what they are doing. They do this everyday. Day in and day out”
Drew S.

Our Chandelier Services