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What is your pricing?
Every chandelier is different. Without seeing a picture of the chandelier we cannot truly understand what we are dealing with. You can text or email us a pic or two of your chandeliers. Please go to our contact page for more details.
What area do you service?
Any city in the following Southern California counties: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. We do make our way to Ventura County at times. Other states that we visit annually are Washington (Seattle Area), Nevada (Henderson / Las Vegas Area), Arizona and Hawaii. We are open to projects in any state! Please call to discuss details.
How would you clean my chandelier?
Every chandelier is different. Some chandeliers should be cleaned in place, others should be taken apart and cleaned off the ladder, lift, or scaffold. Some chandeliers can be cleaned with a good amount of moisture, some cannot have but a few drops. Some soaps are appropriate for certain glass surfaces but not for all. Beware of companies that say spraying is the way to clean most chandelier or, conversely, that every chandelier piece needs to be taken apart (needlessly bending the pins that hold the crystals to the frame) and walked up and down a ladder. A competent company will first assess your particular chandelier's makeup and then lay out the best process for cleaning it. The process must be safe for their employees and for your chandelier.
How often should I have my chandelier cleaned?
One has to consider how often his or her windows/doors are open, how often one cooks, which room the fixture is located in, and how dirty or salty the air around one's house or building is. All that being said, in our experience, most frequencies should land somewhere near annual.
Do you only clean and work on light fixtures?
Sometimes our chandelier customers will ask us to polish a metal art piece or a metal faucet handle or to change a ceiling light bulb, but yes, light fixture work is the only type of work we book. We clean chandeliers, we repair them, we crate them, we install and remove them. We do not sell chandeliers or chandelier products, we are only on the service side (though we have great contacts in fabrication, manufacturing, etc.). We do not clean windows or mirrors or carpets or anything like that. Many window cleaning, maid, and janitorial companies will attempt to clean easy chandeliers and turn away hard to access or hard to clean fixtures, and yet they will still get in over their heads. How can their employees truly be proficient at chandelier cleaning if they do not do it on a regular basis? Even small chandeliers can be tricky and expensive to repair. Add to that, many cleaning companies have a high turn over rate. Thus, the person they send out will likely have very little experience and will not know how to clean a chandelier safely (which is most important). We clean chandeliers day in and day out year round and on high access equipment). Our employees have cleaned more chandeliers than most people have seen. Please, call us to discuss how we can help keep your chandelier shining!
Are you insured?
Yes! We have worker's compensation to cover employee injury and we have liability insurance to cover damage to your property. This is an important reason why hotels and HOA's trust us to work on their expensive decorative lighting. We are properly insured. Many cleaning companies (such as maids, window cleaners and construction cleanup companies) have a form of insurance, but often their insurance will not cover work on expensive chandeliers. Note, too, that not all worker's compensation policies will cover high ladder work. You can rest easy knowing that Witherspoon is fully insured.