About Us

Thank you for wanting to know a bit more about us! Well, to start, we do not do any non-light fixture services, thus our employees are singularly focused and have heaped up real full-time experience in chandelier care. In addition, our insurances truly cover our chandelier/light fixture work. Many cleaning companies are unaware that their insurance does not truly cover damages to the expensive chandeliers they might work on (liability insurance) nor does it cover dangerous work on high ladders (worker's comp.). Please know that chandelier cleaning is an expert's task and is unlike the cleaning of other home or business surfaces. We have a superlative cleaning process, and there are almost always necessary repairs and adjustments to be made. Troubleshooting and the need for ready additional crystal or hardware is a regular reality. Also, the correct access equipment must be employed to safely perform such tasks on the various types of lighting works out there today. Chandeliers are very delicate, so we make sure not to spin or lean on them in any way. We use moisture correctly on them (preventing staining, corrosion, or fire) and we protect all types of floors from any possible damage.

Quick Facts

1) We carry both liability and worker's compensation insurance.
2) We have cleaned thousands of light fixtures since 2007.
3) We can reach any chandelier at any height or position.
4) We can repair and/or replace missing or broken parts. We also have glass blowing/fabricating, plating, and electrical industry resources.
5) We do not clean windows or provide other cleaning services. We only care for chandeliers and light fixtures, thus our employees are not cleaning gutters one day and the next day cleaning your chandelier. We are singularly focused. We are chandelier experts.
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Our Story

Family-owner chandelier cleaning businessHard at work cleaning a hard to reach bubble chandelier
Hi! My name is Aaron Jones. I am the owner of Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning. I started this business in 2007 out of an apartment in Anaheim, California, before my daughters were born and just a few years into my marriage with my beautiful wife, Mya. For a number of years we cleaned many types of surfaces, such as restaurant ceilings, windows of high-rise buildings, Spanish tile rooftops, etc. From time to time some of our customers would ask us to clean their dirty chandeliers. These requests gave us an opportunity to gain experience cleaning chandeliers while we continued cleaning other items and surfaces. It turned out that we rather enjoyed cleaning light fixtures! And so, at a certain point, I decided to systematically eliminate all of the other cleaning services that my company offered and focus our attention on acquiring more chandelier cleaning accounts. My team and I learned chandelier cleaning, restoration, and repair methods. We learned crate building and packing procedures for delicate chandeliers. We also worked out how to safely remove chandeliers, how to assemble and dress chandeliers, and how to hang and install chandeliers in tandem with an electrician. Eventually, I had a team that knew their way around most types of lighting fixtures. Once we had a couple hundred chandelier jobs under our belts, I decided to completely let go of all my non-chandelier cleaning accounts and change my company name to fit the new focus.

Today I have personally logged more hours cleaning chandeliers than anyone else (that I am aware of) in Southern California, as I have done it full-time for many years. I have trained many employees and currently have a small but dynamic team of professionals. We have learned a lot about decorative lighting and have cultivated a network of useful sources for taking care of specific needs of our clients. We have acquired the skills, tools, chandelier hardware, crystal stock, mechanisms, restoration equipment, and access equipment to do the job at a truly expert level.

Since its inception, Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning has cleaned and repaired chandeliers in Southern California with safety and attention to detail in mind. We've cleaned everything from single-bulb wall sconces to chandeliers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are able to clean fixtures at any height, and troubleshoot most any access or cleaning issue. Some light fixtures can get pretty complicated, trust me!

Thank you for reading about me and my team! I hope you reach out soon. We'd love to get to know you and your light fixtures!

We Clean All Types and Sizes of Chandeliers

Our Mission

We want you to be entirely happy with us. That is our mission! How do we make that happen? We aim to be as professional in your home or place of business as we can be. What does that really mean? Well, here are some examples: We keep our working area clean and organized. We are careful around walls, table items, and floor items. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible by not playing music or talking/laughing loudly. We are never verbally inappropriate in context or word choice. We keep your kids and pets safe by keeping doors closed when appropriate. We do not drag dirt into your home or business on our feet or equipment. We clean areas of chandeliers that will never be seen by anyone but our crew. Our standard of "clean" is so high that we do not worry about disappointing any customer that may be a perfectionist. Often, we throw in free work, such as removing cobwebs from ceilings and nearby high walls since we know how hard it is to clean these surfaces without equipment like ours. And we do all this with safety in mind.

In summary, we try to be our best at all times.

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yes, we have
Liability Insurance
If the worse case scenario happens and we break a chandelier or a high-value item on your property, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are covered up to two million dollars. Don't let just any window cleaner or maid who says they have insurance clean your light fixtures. Just because they are covered at ground level cleaning everyday surfaces doesn't mean that their insurance will pay out for damages to your expensive chandelier. It's high up, it's delicate, and it's expensive. Many insurance companies will insure basic cleaning services but not chandelier cleaning.

We've never had a claim. But if we do, our insurance will cover it.
Insured chandelier cleaners
yes, we have
Worker's Comp.
If one of our employees falls off of a ladder, or in any other way hurts himself, you need not worry about being sued to cover injury. We carry worker's compensation insurance. Our employees are not subcontractors. We care about our crew. For this reason we have ladders that are always in good working order, well maintained and, replaced on time. And we follow OSHA regulations while working at-height.

By the way, we've never had a claim. Our team is safety-oriented and they actively show that they value their lives and their health.
Experienced chandelier cleaners
Since '07
There are techniques to learn and hazards to avoid when cleaning or repairing light fixtures. We've seen it all and have gathered all the hard data and the unusual tools for the job. It took us years to see all (just about!) that exists in the decorative lighting world. Even finding the best soaps, polishes, and uncatalogued equipment took a lot of time. So, you can trust that we've learned how to clean properly and without damage.