About Us

Quick Facts

1) We carry both liability and worker's comp insurance
2) We have cleaned thousands of light fixtures in our 15 year history.
3) We can reach any chandelier at any height or position.
4) We can repair and/or replace most missing or broken parts. We also have glass blowing/fabricating, plating, and electrical industry partners.
5) We do not clean windows or provide other cleaning services. We only care for chandelier and light fixtures.

Our Story

Our owner, Aaron Jones, started his first specialty cleaning business in 2005 out of a home office in Anaheim, California. Back then he cleaned everything from windows to awnings to barbeque grills. From time to time some of customers would ask him to clean their dirty chandeliers. Over time it became apparent to him that there was a real dearth of chandelier cleaning professionals in Southern California. After deciding to specifically advertise his chandelier cleaning services, his team quickly gained experience cleaning many different types of chandeliers. Once they had a couple hundred chandelier jobs under their belts, Aaron decided to establish a chandelier cleaning-only company that SoCal residents could count on to thoroughly and safely clean their light fixtures. Thus, Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning was born. We moved to a shop and office space in Buena Park. Since its inception, we have cleaned thousands of chandeliers in Southern California, and worked on projects in five other states. In California, our main service area includes five Southern counties: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

Although we feel very comfortable cleaning a wide variety of chandeliers, we didn't start out with high ability. We started cleaning small fixtures, learning as we went along. There is no conventional schooling for cleaning and restoring chandeliers, experience and mentors are the only teachers. We made and make use of both and have slowly gained a familiarity with and knowledge of common and uncommon decorative lighting structures.

We've cleaned everything from a Murano Glass Chandelier valued at $400,000 to a ceiling fan light valued at around $40. We can access any high, out-of-reach area, and we can successfully troubleshoot any issue (Some fixtures can get pretty complicated, trust us). So if you need someone with experience, we've got over a decade of it. Give us a call today!
We are glad that you would like to learn more about Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning! It's likely that you simply want to feel confident that we are good at what we do. You want to know that we have a sufficient amount of experience cleaning and working on chandeliers. You'd certainly like to know that we are insured and can handle delicate and expensive chandeliers, correct? Maybe you have a difficult-to-reach-chandelier and you'd like to know if we have the right equipment to reach it safely. Perhaps it's directly above a spiral staircase. More than likely you have a good idea of how your particular chandelier is supposed to be cleaned and, thus, you need to know that we will use the correct method to clean it.

We Clean All Types and Sizes of Chandeliers

Our Mission

We want you to be entirely happy with us. That is our mission! How do we make that happen? We aim to be as professional in your home or place of business as we can be. What does that mean for you? Here are some examples: We keep our working area clean and organized. We are careful around delicate wall, table, and floor items. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible by not playing music or talking/laughing loudly. We are never verbally inappropriate in context or word choice. We keep your pets safe by keeping the doors closed when necessary. We do not drag in dirt on our feet or equipment. We clean areas of chandeliers that will never really be seen by anyone but the cleaning crew. Our standard of clean is so high we do not worry about customers that tend to be a bit micro-manage-y or perfectionist-y. We will sometimes throw in some free efforts to get cobwebs off of nearby ceilings because we know how hard it is to reach them without equipment like ours.

In summary, we try to be our best.

yes, we have
Liability Insurance
If the worse case scenario happens and we  break a chandelier or a high value item on your property, you have nothing to worry about. We are covered up to two million dollars. Don't let just any window cleaner or maid who says they have insurance clean your light fixtures. Just because they are covered at ground level doesn't mean their insurance will pay out damage to your chandelier. It's high up, it's delicate, and it's expensive. Many insurance companies will insure basic cleaning services but not chandelier cleaning.

We've never had a claim. But if we did, our insurance would cover it.
yes, we have
Worker's Comp.
If one of our employees falls off of a ladder, or in any other way hurts himself, you need not worry about being sued to cover the damages. We carry worker's comp. Our employees are not subcontractors. We care about our crew. This is also why we have ladders that are not broken in any way. And we follow OSHA regulations while working at-height.

By the way, we've never had a claim in 14 years. Our team is safety oriented and they actively show that they value their lives and their health.
Can anyone just come in your home or business and easily clean any type of chandelier that you might have? No way. There are tricks, problems, and hazards to cleaning all variety of light fixtures. We've seen it all and have gathered all the random mental data and unusual tools for the job. Took us over a decade to see almost every style of chandelier and learn how to clean them properly and without damage. Even finding the best soaps, polishes, and uncatalogued equipment took that long.