Chandelier Repair

Bulb bases stuck in fittings? Broken glass arms? Burned candle cover sleeve? Wrong chain length? Rusted pins? Whatever may be the problem with your chandelier(s) or light fixture(s), Witherspoon can help! We do many different types of repairs, completions, restorations, and adjustments. And if we cannot do it, our contacts in the chandelier and antique industry can. We have trusted partners for welding, glass blowing, electrical work, fabrication, sales, and more! Call and let us know the details of your project!


Water Damage Restoration
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Chandelier Damage

Once positioned and hung, a chandelier can theoretically stay damage-free for decades. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why a chandelier may get damaged besides normal weathering and age degradation. During earthquakes a crystal chandelier may drop a few pendants or break an arm. During an upstairs flood, you might end up with a rusted and wet chandelier. During a fire a chandelier may get burned or smoke damaged. Or maybe a child throws a ball in the house and knocks down a crystal drop.

Whatever the cause and consequence, we can help fix it!

“They removed the tarnish off of my mother's forty year old antique dining room chandelier. It looks like new!”
Debby F.
“They know what they are doing. They do this everyday. Day in and day out”
Drew S.

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