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Parts of the Chandelier We Clean:

Any Crystal Pieces
Any Sheets/Balls of Glass
Metal and/or Glass Frames
Chain, Bulbs, Candle Covers
Shades and Cloth Materials
Metal Plates, Fittings
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Chandelier Cleaners in Irvine

Thank you for visiting our site! You've come to the right place. We have cleaned thousands of chandeliers and thus have learned that there are many styles of decorative lighting and many ways to get the cleaning of them wrong. Please don't just trust anyone in Irvine or Orange County to work at-height on ladders and clean delicate works of lighting art- Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning is licensed, insured and very experienced. We are highly regarded in the industry and have an established reputation. Check out our online reviews or ask us for references. Also, please look through our site. Every single picture here has been taken by our team- no stock photos to pretend experience. You'll likely see a chandelier that looks like yours because we've cleaned just about all types. Click over to our gallery page to view pics our recent chandelier projects.

We Clean All Types and Sizes of Chandeliers in Irvine

We here at Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning always strive to deliver excellence in quality to each and every one of our Irvine clients. Whether they live in Shady Canyon, Laguna Altura, Turtle Rock or anywhere else in town, we make it our mission to give top-tier service to everyone in Irvine. We are backed by many years of experience, fully licensed and insured, and ready to give your chandelier the shine it was bought to display!

We know a lot about chandeliers, but we also know a bit about Irvine: Irvine's history can be traced back to when it was originally inhabited by the Gabrieleno people. They occupied much of the broad, flat valley that lies between Loma Ridge and the San Joaquin Hills.  Now Irvine has over 200,000 people that call this city home. Wonder how many chandeliers there are in town...Well, who knows! Irvine also offers over 300 miles of bicycle lanes and trails to encourage the use of bikes as a means of transportation. Unfortunately, we have too much cleaning equipment and thus will have to stick with our trucks. One more thing: One of Irvine's other must-see attractions is the Irvine Spectrum Center. Check it out if you haven't already. Speaking of lights! That place lights up real nice in the dark, especially the Ferris wheel!

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