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Welcome to our site, and thank you for visiting. We are Southern California's most equipped chandelier cleaning company. We service all of Long Beach and it's surrounding areas. Please take a look around and see what we have to offer.
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Angeleno: If you are not happy with your chandelier when we are finished cleaning it, you don't pay.
Insured Umbrella
$2 Million Liability
Don't leave a crystal to chance. We've got you covered, no matter what might go wrong.

Parts of the Chandelier We Clean:

Any Crystal Pieces
Any Sheets/Balls of Glass
Metal and/or Glass Frames
Chain, Bulbs, Candle Covers
Shades and Cloth Materials
Metal Plates, Fittings
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Chandelier Cleaners in Long Beach

Wow! Long Beach has many hotels, restaurants, and homes with stately chandeliers! Is yours one of them? Since you've come to this page it must be! Click over to our gallery page to see pictures of our recent work or just peruse the site. We clean and repair more chandeliers than anyone else in Long Beach. We've been around for well over a decade. We are licensed and insured and have high ratings on yelp and other sites. Try us out!

What makes Long Beach special?

Did you know, Long Beach, that you are the second largest city in the Los Angeles area? Also, being Los Angeles' gateway to the Pacific, you are the second busiest port in the United States and among the world's largest...Is that what makes you special? No, that's not it. That's not what makes you beloved. It's really all those beautiful chandeliers that you have hanging up, illuminating the night, isn't it? Hmm...Wait, they need a cleaning or repair? Well, give us a call already!

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