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Angeleno: If you are not happy with your chandelier when we are finished cleaning it, you don't pay.
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Don't leave a crystal to chance. We've got you covered, no matter what might go wrong.

Parts of the Chandelier We Clean:

Any Crystal Pieces
Any Sheets/Balls of Glass
Metal and/or Glass Frames
Chain, Bulbs, Candle Covers
Shades and Cloth Materials
Metal Plates, Fittings
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Yorba Linda Loves Clean Chandeliers

We here at Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning strive to deliver excellent customer service and quality workmanship to each and every one of our Yorba Linda clients. We've been doing this for almost two decades. Need a service that is properly insured and brings spare parts? Need a service that has the experience to clean or otherwise work on any chandelier, at any height? Call us! We have you covered. Go to the Yorba Regional Park or have fun our the Skyzone, we'll take care of cleaning your chandeliers and light fixtures! We are backed by many years of experience, fully licensed and insured, and are ready to give your chandeliers the cleaning and shine you bought it for!

What makes Yorba Linda shine?

The land surrounding Yorba Linda was given as a gift from the Spanish government to a loyal soldier and quickly became a booming agricultural center for lemon and orange trees, which covered the land and surrounding hills.  The first paved street appeared in 1917, named Yorba Linda Boulevard. Did you know that? With the population boom of the 70's and continuing from there, Yorba Linda now boasts a population of over 67,000.  Yorba Linda has been named one of America's best small cities to live in (CNN and Money Magazine both agree), no wonder you like keeping things clean!  If your chandelier is too high to reach or to delicate to leave to your normal cleaners, give us a call and we will give you a quote quickly!  We love Yorba Linda and are happy to visit all our clients there for all their chandelier cleaning needs!

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